Monday, July 1, 2013

Devil's Dome-Jackita Ridge Loop

Luke, Richard and I decided to do this loop on Saturday. It was epic.

After I picked up Richard in Seattle, we drove up to the East Bank trail-head Friday night to camp out. We met Luke the next morning and got on the trail (GregH also joined us for the first 8 miles).

Lots of blowdowns and overgrowth at the latter portion of the loop, and significant snow on portions of Jackita Ridge, made for a slower run then we initially expected. It took us more than 12 hours to get it all done.

Luke put together a great blog post and WTA report:
Luke's WTA Trip Report
Luke's Blog Post

Richard's running across Iowa in July to raise money for veterans, you should check it out:

Pictures for your enjoyment.

Mile 4ishRichard flying across. Potential death involved if you slip and fall.

Mile 35ish. Cool stream along the rollers along Ross lake.

Mile 10ish. Young buck up ahead of Luke.

Mile 15ish. Flowers.

Mile 25ish. Top of Devils Dome.

Mile 18ish. Jackita Ridge.

Mile 18ish, looking off from Jackita Ridge.

Mile 24ish. Jack Mountain in the background.

Mile 20ish, a view from where we bushwhacked up to find a trail.

Devils Dome

Mile 25ish, after Devils Dome. Luke playing. The fall on the right is my slide.

Mile 28ish, filling up at a stream. Water sources were plentiful.

Greg crossing and not falling.

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