Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Go Get 2014

Everything that I learned and experienced in 2013 can't be encompassed in one blog post. What I can do, is pass along the overarching rules that have shaped my 2013, and will continue to shape my life moving forward. Slightly cliche, I'm sure, but they work for me.

  • Relentlessly pursue your passions and dreams. 
  • Always believe in yourself.
  • Smile more. Laugh more.
  • Be vulnerable. 
  • Practice love and forgiveness.
  • Envision success every day.

Most of all, have a deep appreciation for everything you have today, and for what tomorrow may bring.

Go Get 2014.

All credit to Bill Watterson

Monday, December 23, 2013

Deception Pass Weekend and Longest Night Run

Deception Pass Weekend

Late reports are better than no reports.

Long story short, I ran with my dad for the 25K on Saturday morning, and we finished in somewhere over 4 hours. Great to see Dad finish, though, he probably would be first to admit he learned something from the race. From my perspective, he got very quiet and had short one word answers to everything I asked him for the last 3+ miles. I strongly believe this had more to do with lack of calories than anything else, though, course knowledge and training probably contributed as well. Regardless, Dad mustered a smile and a slow trot across the finish line. 

Highlight of the race had to be getting my Mom and Bro and Sis on Facetime while doing the climb up Goose Rock. Dad was quite exhausted and the first words out of my brothers mouth as he saw him running in front of me was, 'Move your fat ass!!'

I then proceeded to sweep the course on Sunday, which ended up as a 8 hour, 30 mile run. Perks to course sweeping is that you get to cheer people on, eat tons of food at aid stations, and enjoy a leisurely stop-and-go run on the trails.  Nice little 45 mile weekend to get some endurance back in the legs.

Caption contest away...
Sweeping - both these photos are work of Glenn

This past weekend a group got together on Cougar Mountain to do a couple of loops beginning at 5PM. The run was great for getting in some cold/wet/foggy night training. I'm certain this will become an annual tradition that should grow as the years go by.

Matthew, Me, Luke, Ian, Paul (missing Todd, Martin, and Greg)