Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Not Bored Yet, Volume #3 - Oregon, Cali, Utah

Since last post, stories and some pictures (can't post them all, as I don't have a computer with me) of note:

Oregon - Spent the night with my buddy Adam and his fiance, drinking beer and exploring the new town they are now homeowners in.

  • Crescent City and Redwoods National Park - camped out in some backcountry spot for free after consulting with the Rangers when I got into town. The spot was right near the mouth of where the Klamath river meets the Pacific Ocean. The views were amazing and I hung out of the beach watching the sunset. I then proceeded to sleep for 12 hours in my tent. Met a couple of other groups of people my age. One couple that were artists/musicians that were on their way to Washington to visit a friend, and another group of guys that were down from Vancouver BC to spend some time in the area. 
    • I ran in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park amongst some of the most beautiful forest I've ever laid my eyes on.
  • San Francisco - I got to stay with my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins in San Fran for about five days. My Mom also flew out as well. Spent time hanging with family and enjoying the nice weather, while doing some prep for pending Utah adventures. Luke hung out the night before Miwok and we enjoyed a pasta dinner, while my family proceeded to ask him a just a couple of questions about his life.
    • Miwok 100K was a DNF. Why? Legs felt dead from essentially mile 6, and I wasn't having fun. What did I do well? I pushed it to mile 41 while really feeling like crap (convincing myself everything was alright), then walked to the next aid at 48 and decided to just call it. What did I learn? Once and awhile you will have bad days. Don't over-think them. Focus on the positive and what the core components are to consistently performing at your best. Rest, nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, and pace, in particular with ultras.
    • Got out for a hike up and down the Dipsea steps before I got back on the road. Highly recommended hike if you have the time in the area. A ton of history behind those steps.
    • Stayed a night on some BLM land near Lake Isabella, boondocking, on my way down to Utah. Free camping is the way to go.
  • Zion - Met up with Richard and Candice near Zion.We found some land that we thought was BLM, but ended up being privately owned, per the local man who came to inform us this is quite a strange manor. Met some other guys from Ohio that had quit their jobs and were now spending time in Zion climbing mountains and enjoying life.
    • Canyoneered the 'Subway' with Richard and Candice, and Echo Canyon with Richard.
    • Climbed up North Guardian Angel with Richard and Candice.
    • Ran to Angel's Landing and the Emerald Pools. Met a individual that would be at Bryce 100 cheering on a friend and got his card, so we might be able to meet up at the race.
    • Zion Traverse with Richard. Might be the most beautiful run I've ever done. Start at 6:15 a.m. and ran east to west, finishing in about 10 hours 45 minutes.
    • Candice's Blog Post with Pics
    I've had obviously lots of time to reflect and enjoy some beautiful places and once in a lifetime activities. It's really interesting how many other people that I have met that have done the same as me, forgoing a 'job' to listen to their passions and pursue what they enjoy.
    Most of all, I'm pursuing the passions I have, and reflecting on what's really important in life. Surround yourself with positive, forward thinking, happy people, and you tend to start to become more that way yourself. Listen to your gut, to what drives you, to those that energize you, and stay forward thinking.
Until next update...

Klamath River. Breathtaking views all night.

Redwoods. Pictures don't do it justice. They really don't.

Dipsea steps, they keep going and going...

Sun trail at the top of Dipsea steps.

Zion, during our traverse.

Zion, during traverse.

Zion, can you spot Richard?


Zion sunrise.

The Pacific.

The Pacific.

Zion, on our way up to Angel's Landing during our traverse.

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  1. Good stuff, Dave. Keep it up, enjoy and stay safe!