Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sun Mountain 50K Pre-Race Thoughts

Third year in a row going to Sun Mountain. I'm better trained this time, but I won't be running with a taper. My goal is to pace this run more than others, with the intent of an even split.

I don't plan to engage in some restaurant-food-fueled, hotel-room-bed, pre-race stay (as I have in the past). I'm heading out Saturday morning, and I'm taking the first forest camp site I can find near Winthrop/Mazama. I've got my tent, sleeping bag, pen, paper, and a couple books. Total independent hippie camping trip. 

I've had a bunch of thoughts swimming through my head recently. I think part of me expects these competitions to clearly sort everything out. In reality, I'm probably going to end up tired, ready to scarf pizza, wash it down with a IPA, and get back on the road.  

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