Monday, May 28, 2012

Adding to the Shoe Repertoire?

After using my Vasque Mindbenders for much more mileage lately, I've noticed my big toe seems is not getting the room it needs to expand on the medial side of the toe box.  I think this is either due to the Mindbenders straight last, or the fact I just have fat toes and no toe box can contain them.

I have found some trail shoes from Montrail that all employ a semi-curved last, and I'm going to see how those all end up performing.  Orders have been placed through Amazon and Running Warehouse, and arrive this week.
  1. Montrail Masochist II
  2. Montrail Fairhaven
  3. Montrail Badrock
The Mindbender had done an exceptional job of transitioning me into 'real shoe' footwear (Vibrams are not real shoes, according to the majority of people). I'm hoping that at least one of the above shoes fits the bill, potentially for when White River comes along in late July.  I'll post some reviews on these suckers once I get the chance to run on them later in the week and into the weekend.

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