Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two Weeks Notice

" I'm not exactly sure what my plan is. I just know I want to do these things and for me to do that, I need to step away from the company and resign my position." 

My job for the past seven years, has essentially been rooted in explaining/selling/educating businesses on an intangible product. Phone calls were made, hands were shaken, spreadsheet columns aligned, graphs explained, return on investment described, customer complaints resolved, reports prepared, board presentations given. I worked with a team of other skilled individuals to accomplish goals and provide service to clients. However, there was no further challenge, no real further opportunity for advancement.

So I resigned. Responses from friends and co-workers, largely, were not as I expected. Supportive. Humorous. Encouraging. Many have commented about how they would love to do what I'm doing.

Ultimately, I want to take some time off to do some other things, while deciding what career path to engage next. I like work, contributing to teams, achieving goals and helping people. I can't see myself taking too much time away.

So I'm now going to do some things I've dreamed of.

  • March-ish
    • Sightseeing in Europe. The Wicklow Way 50K in the mountains outside of Dublin on March 22nd.
  • April-ish
    • Running around all the PNW has to offer (Issy Alps, Orcas Island, etc.), exploring next steps career-wise. Yakima Skyline Rim April 20th.
    • Road trip to San Fran for Miwok 100K. Run trails in Oregon and Northern California while heading down. Taper a bit before race.
  • May-ish
    • Road trip/training trip to parks in Northern/Southern Cali and then Arizona and maybe some mountains of Colorado.
    • A Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run in Mid-May. Run In Zion Canyon. Do some scouting runs in Bryce Canyon.
  • June-ish
    • Two or three week taper leading into Bryce 100M on June 14th. Will involve hiking and swimming and sight-seeing. I envision this also including a lot of time figuring out career steps/applying to jobs.

If you want to join, let me know. 


  1. I totally agree that when you stop enjoying your work and are no longer feeling fulfilled that it is time to move onto something else. I wish you lots of luck on your future endeavors. Also, don't forget to share all those adventures with us, your loyal blog readers.

    1. Thanks David, and I couldn't agree more. We all can control our own happiness, and sometimes that entails taking a step somewhere else with our careers. I'll be sure to post as many pics and stories as possible!