Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cascade & Blogs

Well, I found out yesterday that I got into Cascade Crest for 2014. I was very excited to get the e-mail yesterday afternoon, and I look forward to a return trip to finish the sucker.  The excitement was tempered, however, as I found out a number of friends were placed on the wait-list...some into the 100's. While there is a chance they could still run, it does tend to make it difficult to plan.

Also, got to catch up with my friend Michael from college with a run on Cougar Mountain recently. We took it easy, as we were both coming back from injuries.

Michael has been getting into trial-running, and spent his years since undergrad pursuing his medical degree, along with doing a bunch of medical work abroad. Michael earned a Fulbright scholarship coming out of college, and he's always been one of the smartest people I know. His blog covers trail running up mountains, while also offering some valuable perspective on the world we live in.


  1. Last year you were on the wait list; you definitely earned getting in. I know your psych is going to be high :) .

  2. Congratulations on getting into Cascade! If you want a pacer let me know.