Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Bored Yet, Volume #1 - Orcas, Si, Yakima Canyon

A couple weeks ago, a dear friend of mine remarked that I would get bored not having a job.

Potentially, in time, that could be the case.

Running has taken me to some cool spots in the PNW. Orcas Island, Cougar Mountain, Mt Si, Little Si, parts of Teneriffe, Discovery Park, and the Yakima River Canyon. Future plans include a Zion Traverse, running some of Lake Tahoe, and a Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim. Epic bucket list stuff.

Luke and I often talk about the value in looking at training in 8 or 9 day periods, as opposed to the standard 7 day range. It gives you a slightly larger sample size to determine how your training is currently progressing.

Anyways, my 9 day range ended up being about 80 miles with 22,000 ft of gain, so I'm particularly happy about that. Took a couple easy days to let the body recover. Pics for your enjoyment.

Ferry to Orcas

San Juan Islands on way to Orcas

Campsite at Orcas, be aware, they've started variable pricing. This spot was $25 a night!

Orcas, not sure of the name, but they are the falls near Camp Moran.

One of the lakes.

View from Mt. Constitution.

Looking South.

Cloud cover along some lakes in the AM.

View from Eastsound, on Orcas.

Looking up at Mt. Constitution in the AM

'Powerline' climb up Orcas.

Radio Towers on Orcas.

More Orcas.

Cool clouds coming in as massive eagles were riding the wind, view from Mt. Constitution.


I liked the sign.

These switchbacks are much more fun going down, rather than up.

A hut.

Not sure which lake but found a cool cliff to chill at until I got cold.

Bye bye Orcas.

Mt Si view from Little Si.

Snow on the road up Tennerife, Kevin moving fast.


Si. Awesome forest trail I've never run before, off the Talus Loop. Thanks to Kevin.

Yakima Canyon. Free camping (no water or toilets) until May?

Yakima Canyon bridge.

Woke up. Read for a couple hours. Watched the couple that owned the RV argue for about 30 minutes and use every curse word in the book while trying to hook up the camper to their truck. All before noon.

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