Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Training Recap

Stepped it up a bit this month, but didn't do anything too high mileage. I liked my base of 50-60 miles a week and decided to just stay in that range.

Cross training and recovery included more swims, some weight work, and a day of downhill skiing. Didn't run much in Europe, but walked A TON. I spent more time on my feet walking, than I spent on my feet running, in previous weeks!

Ready for 6-8 weeks of hard training leading up to Bryce 100. Body feels good and healthy. I'll be running Yakima 50K, along with Miwok 100K, but don't plan extreme tapers for those (will still run plenty of easy miles leading up). Looking at those as 'B' races, with Bryce and Cascade as my 'A' races.


  1. Looking good and smart, Dave.

  2. If you need any company for a 'C' or 'D' outing you know who you can call.