Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not Bored Yet, Volume #2 - San Juan Island, Vancouver's North Shore

I got to enjoy a leisurely bike ride around San Juan Island over the weekend. Didn't run any of the trails, as it was a recovery day. I may try a return trip this summer to run some of the trails, but it can be quite pricey to get over to San Juan, and then the trail systems are nothing too expansive. The weather was clear with high's in the upper 60's, and I was able to visit Roche Harbor, check out a cider distillery, visit Lime Kiln State Park, and then hung out in the harbor through sunset.

Next up was a trip to Vancouver, to check out the North Shore trails that Luke and Adam run frequently. This also served as a nice long training run in preparation for Miwok 100k. Can't thank Luke and his family enough, as they were more than gracious hosts for my visit. Lots of fun and looking forward to more adventures with these guys this summer. Luke's blog post with photos is here.

Pictures with descriptions below:

Starting out along a river.

I believe this is the view from Cleveland Dam.

Cleveland Dam view

Cleveland Dam

Climb straight up Grouse Mountain

View from top of Grouse

Stopped and turned around when we got to the ski lift.

I stopped the guys a lot to take pictures. This probably sucks for my training. 

We had a good amount of runnable miles on roads like this. Good Miwok training.

LOTS OF STAIRS. More good Miwok training.

I don't remember what this was, but it was pretty far down and looked cool.

They leave the water on ALL YEAR LONG around here. Unlike parks in WA, where they shut it off for the winter....

I dunno I found it pretty.

Approaching Roche Harbor

They have a cheap gas station out by Roche.

Friday Harbor at dusk, with ferry coming in.

View from above Lime Kiln Point State Park.

Lime Kiln Lighthouse with Canada in background.

Hotel De Haro in Friday Harbor, apparently Teddy Roosevelt stayed here, and you can see his signature inside.

Roche Harbor, with some pretty big boats.

View from Lime Kiln, could see Rainier and the Olympics from here. Perfect weather.

Lime Kiln's in Roche Harbor

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