Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Injinji Toe Socks Review

Blisters. Something I've never had (knock on wood). My feet get wet, my shoes get wet, and I've still never come down with any type of blister.

This review isn't meant to be any detailed overview, but rather some pros and cons that I've run into with Injinji Toe Socks. Personally, I have no plans to stop wearing these socks. I first started wearing them as they worked well with my Vibrams. From there, I never really stopped. If you want to read Injinji's overview of their socks, you can do that on their website

Picture of the original weight.

  • Personally, yet to have a blister.
  • Quick to dry.

  • Convenience - these take time to put on, due to having to fit each toe correctly.
  • Durability 
    • I've noticed this the most with the performance and original versions of the socks. The performance versions breakdown very quickly, and the original weight breakdown a little too quickly as well. The padded mid-weight seem to have the longest lifespan. 
  • Cost
    • At $16 a pair for the padded mid-weight, $12 a pair for the original weight, and $10 a pair for the lightweight, these certainly aren't cheap.

I would highly recommend these socks to anyone that doesn't mind shelling out the dough, and would personally go for the padded mid-weight, as they seem to have the longest lifespan.

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