Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Go Get 2014

Everything that I learned and experienced in 2013 can't be encompassed in one blog post. What I can do, is pass along the overarching rules that have shaped my 2013, and will continue to shape my life moving forward. Slightly cliche, I'm sure, but they work for me.

  • Relentlessly pursue your passions and dreams. 
  • Always believe in yourself.
  • Smile more. Laugh more.
  • Be vulnerable. 
  • Practice love and forgiveness.
  • Envision success every day.

Most of all, have a deep appreciation for everything you have today, and for what tomorrow may bring.

Go Get 2014.

All credit to Bill Watterson


  1. Too funny, Calvin and Hobbes seems to creep into so many things, see here: http://martin.criminale.com/p/cycling.html I am curious how you plan to be vulnerable on the trail. :)

  2. Dave!

    You are the man!

    I just read your entire blog (yup, every entry) and want to give you a
    big hug. In a good, manly way of course... Anyhow, strangely (and/or
    awesomely) enough I have been getting into distance trail running over
    the past year and I am planning on/hoping to do my first ultra in the
    next couple of months.

    Reading through your blog I laughed a great deal as well as learned a
    ton. I feel like am in your shoes just 2 years or so behind you. I
    read born to run a little over a year back and got into the minimalist
    band-wagon from there. I used to get knee pain running anything much
    over an hour but after the switch have been able to go around 4 hours
    with no pain. Added some thicker shoes though as I was getting "beat
    up feet syndrome" (seemed like you found similar). It's addictive
    this running for extended periods of time in beautiful places! I
    literally cannot get enough of it!

    Before I go on too long I wanted to see if you have any interest in
    catching up some time, going for a run, cooking food, or something
    like that? I am new to this whole ultra deal and while your blog was
    super helpful if you have any time I would be pumped to meet up in
    person. I have fond memories of lifting back at PLU and have thought
    of you from time to time before Luke Lyksell of all people turned me
    onto your blog recently. I am currently back on Bainbridge Island for
    a few weeks but can easily hop over to Seattle if you are still there.

    Hope your 2014 has started well my friend!


    wautersm at gmail dot com