Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hardrock Volunteering and San Juan Pics

Volunteered at Hardrock, Cunningham Aid (mile 91). Inspirational. I could say more, but I have things to do and so I'm just gonna post pictures.

Free advice. Go volunteer. It doesn't have to be at a running aid station. Go to a soup kitchen. Do something where you give your time to others, with the express purpose of simply helping. 


Welcome to Cunningham.
Runners leaving to cross a stream. Many sat down, changed into dry socks, then promptly got them wet again. Everyone has wet feet the entire run. Really no way around it.

Rain storm coming in on Saturday

This was typical tent set up during the day

Crews escorting runners off. I didn't see a runner that was without an extremely well educated crew.

A wife watching her husband go off. I believe this was his 4th finish.




Randomly I would find myself staring at the mountains. It happens.

Packed house at night. This was one of the biggest 'rushes' we had, of maybe 6 runners (and their crews, and pacers) at the same time.
My favorite photo. This is 'it'.

My fellow volunteers, Erin, Leonie, Adam (with Mark stopping after 17 hours of pacing). This was around 1:30 a.m. on Sunday.

When the moon was out that night, it was beautiful.

Awards ceremony. Killian gave a great, humble speech, and all runners were recognized individually.

Sunday hike to Ice Lake w/Erin, Leonie, and Mark (who was zonked and turned around after a couple miles).

Ice Lake

In the distance is part of the Hardrock course. 

Bridal Vail Falls in Telluride.

Stayed on Ben's couch, he showed me his buckle. I think I could use one...

Start of my loop from Bear Creek, to Wasatch, to Bridal Vail, back to Telluride. Incredibly beautiful run/hike.

Getting close to 12,000 ft. You can't see it here, but there was a couple of massive elk up on the ridge to the left.

12,600 or so feet I think? I was dizzy, and storm clouds were coming in as I got over the pass. I didn't die, so it was a successful day.

Lewis Lakes way over in the background. I think...

I basically ran through a bunch of wildflowers for part of my descent. Life's really tough right now. 

Random waterfalls everywhere. 

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  1. Pretty jealous, not going to lie. Those clouds look amazing over the landscapes. And I agree about the volunteer thing. Hope you are having an awesome day!