Tuesday, April 19, 2016

shaking off a year of rust

After my last blog post, I ended up getting the lightheaded feeling again. I had put in 3 weeks of solid training, and decided to take a week off. The feelings then essentially went away, with only minor re-occurrences. Ultimately, this seems to be something I'm going to have to live with, in some capacity.

Over the past 6 weeks I've been able to manage 35-45 miles a week, with some focused longer trail runs on weekends. Two weeks ago, I was able to run the Squak mountain 1/2 marathon, and then this past weekend completed the Yakima 25K. The races have served as focused hard efforts, that also allow me to see where my fitness is. 

Having had three significant injuries since August 2014, I'm extremely grateful to be out on the trail with friends again. My focus for this year is on staying healthy, and incorporating slightly less mileage, and more cross training. Biking to work, yoga, self massage, bodyweight workouts, swimming, and periodic visits to my chiro are all part of my training plan. 

I intend to update the blog layout soon (I'd like this to morph into more pictures and various route beta, rather than just a journal). Until then, I'll be running the Sunflower marathon in May, as my annual return to the Methow Valley for a race. From there, the goal is purely summer adventure runs!

Pops, Ethan, Author. Yakima 25K

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