Thursday, July 26, 2012

White River 50 Mile Pre-Race Thoughts/Plan

I'm so materialistic.

Nervous yet excited, I truly look forward to experiencing all of the pending emotions associated from the event. I requested bib 138, among others, and received it.  My pop's number from his Ironman Canada years ago (while he was in a squadron of the same number) shall hopefully provide good vibes, and a reminder of others endurance efforts, if I get tired.

Nutrition Plan: Clif Gels and Blocks (all non-caffeinated, a couple packs of Margarita blocks for salt)  every 25 minutes, sip water every 10 minutes. S!Caps, Ginger Ale/Coke, Oreos/Chips Ahoy, and/or Potatoes from Aid Stations as necessary. Fill pack at Ranger Creek and Buck Creek aid.

Misc. Gear: Wipes in baggie, Vaseline in baggie, extra contacts & eye drops.

Run Plan (Subject to Change):
-Start easy, first climb mix in some running and power hiking, hold back if start to feel too good.
-Pick up pace at Ranger Creek aid, and then run comfortably along ridge top and downhill into Buck Creek.
-Steady run for the 10 miles to Sun Top.
-Let loose. Destroy downhill.
-Hit final aid, eager to gut it out to the finish along the flats.
-Smile, eat, poop, start thinking about when/where the first 100 miler will occur.

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