Monday, June 10, 2013

Competition Adjustments

I ran with some guys the other week that have completed multiple 100's. They had advice. It went like this:
  • Run White River 50 Mile. (Registered)
    • It's good CC100 training. Even if you crapped all over the course last year and it made you sad. Get over it.  
  • Do the 'Snoqualmie Pass' Group Runs the first weekend of August (Registered)
    • These runs preview the course. 14 miles Friday, 50K on Saturday, 50K on Sunday.
    • This constitutes the final training 'brick'.
  • Pacers are overrated, you don't really need one.
    • Understood, but if someone wants to tag along, why not?
    • Karl Meltzer quote from a recent podcast, 'Yeah, I have a pacer, its my right leg and my left leg'.
  • Do some runs where you eat too much (haven't done this), or where you don't eat enough (already doing this).
  • Don't run Angel's Staircase. It's going to only hurt you two weeks out. (Contemplating...)


  1. Hope the CC wait list moves and you get in! I just had the plastic out this morning, signing up for Angels Staircase. I could see how two weeks out it might hurt it if you raced it (maybe take it as a slow training day?). Looking at how pretty it is, I understand it's a hard one to pass up. Overall, sounds like you got some good advice. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. FYI, just checked the CC waitlist, I've moved up to #23...