Friday, June 28, 2013

Crunch Time

Overrated or underrated on the candy bar scale? Can't decide. 

Eight Weeks. The base is there. Now, the final push.

Peak in volume for the next six weeks. 100 miles a week, provided the body complies.

Plans include, but certainly not limited to: Two or three long runs a week. Devil's Dome Loop with Luke and Richard. Back-to-back days of St. Helen's circumnavigations, once in either direction, one with Paul. Back-to-back solo 50K's in Deception Pass. Mt. Si and Mailbox. Ragnar relay for speed work. White River - sans taper - intended to humble. Snoqualmie Pass group runs for course knowledge fun.

Taper from there (what to do about Angels...35K? Drop?).

Sleep is critical. Increase greens consumption. Ample rumble roller. Periodic stretching, core work, and light weights. Meditation.

Do job. Do future-planning. Do trail work requirement. Stay in touch with friends and fam (I'm not dead yo!). Then, execute and experience.

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