Sunday, November 16, 2014

Recovery/Training Update

Currently I am the midst of recovering from a nagging injury. Since early September, my right foot has not allowed me to really run.  I tested it out about a week ago, my foot started to feel funky again, and so I decided it was best to take another couple weeks off.

The most annoying part of not running, is being unable to hang out with running friends. The other most annoying part about not running, is the full realization of how much you miss the pure joy of the activity.

I recently read a blog post by another injured runner. The author talked about potentially coming back 'stronger' than before. For me, it's not just the prolonged healing that comes in resting running muscles, or even the added benefits of extensive cross training. It's the mental strength. Every day, I am constantly focusing on the future, and reminding myself that the patience I am learning through this, will serve me well in the years to come.

Training Log (September - Current):

Miles Run: 18
Miles Swam: A lot.
Chaturangas: Also, a lot.
Lifting and Core: Enough to look good with my shirt off.
Pool Miles Run: It doesn't matter. It's the most boring activity imaginable. For more insight into pool running, see below.

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