Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deception Pass 50K Sweeping Report 2014 and THE PORCH

Sweeping: the act of clearing a course of all course ribbons marking the trail, signage, and any trash (hopefully mistakenly) left behind by runners. It's best performed while strapping on a backpacking pack, carrying some water and food, and preparing for a very long day on your feet.

Sunday was nothing but non-stop smiles, high-fives, and good people doing good people things.

This was my second year sweeping the event, and both years I have had the pleasure of enjoying the wonderful accommodations at 'The Porch' on Cornet Bay. The Porch' is a particular house that has a outdoor porch prepared for all Seahawks games. They have ample seating, hot food, plenty of beer, and have invited us to their party every year. We had the pleasure of catching the prime moments of the 'Hawks game, enjoying beers and good company before we had to get back to the finish before it got too dark.  PICTURES OF THE PORCH ARE NOT INCLUDED. IT'S SPECIAL. IT NEED NOT BE DOCUMENTED IN PHOTO.

All in all, a wonderful and special day with the community and friends.


Kayak Race in Background

Litter and it will HURT

Rocks you find in random places when moving slowly along the trails.

Mile 10 break for hydration

Pep talk and weird selfie for Mr. Abel


  1. I saw your 2014 Deception Pass 50k post and was wondering how much of the run is concrete/road versus trail? (I can't tell by the trail map or Rainbow Running's description.) I am not familiar with the area. Running my first 50k this year. Thanks!

  2. You start out on road for maybe a mile or two, then it's just the bridge for a quarter of a mile, and then another 1-2 miles of road total in the back half section of the race.